Grade School/Junior Highs

We are creating memorabilia pages for each of the elementary schools and junior high schools which existed when we grew up in Corvallis. We will be coordinating the memorabilia, both photos and other images, which classmates have kept and wish to share. If you have such images, please contact the school coordinator listed on each respective school site. If you want to serve as the coordinator for your school, please contact Joan Corcoran to volunteer.

Adair Air Force


Franklin    Chris Cole

Garfield     Lloyd Corgan

Harding     Linda Witzig O'Connor


Lincoln     Karen Peterson

Mountain View


St. Mary's Catholic       Karen Gerding Raskin

Washington         Donna Sewell Clark

Highland View Junior High

Western View Junior High

Adair Air Force Grade
1 Photo  9/28/15
Fairplay Grade School
4 Photos  3/5/16
Franklin Grade School
17 Photos  3/21/16
Garfield Grade School
8 Photos  2/19/16
Harding Grade School
17 Photos  2/25/16
Inavale Grade School
2 Photos  9/28/15
Lincoln Grade School
16 Photos  9/13/16
Mountain View Grade
14 Photos  6/11/16
Roosevelt Grade School
11 Photos  6/18/16
St. Mary's Catholic Grade
1 Photo  8/28/15
Washington Grade School
15 Photos  4/4/16
Highland View Jr. High
17 Photos  5/19/16
Western View Jr. High
17 Photos  7/11/16